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A swimming pool surface material consisting of 100% quartz material which includes a blend of colored quartz. The colored quartz in the mixture allows the pool surface to reflect color without the constant problems of an actual color dye surface. The applicator need only add their high-quality Portland and we also recommend a quality pozzolan additive as well. However, if you want a color dye added to the Hydra Product surface material, the applicator can add the color dye at the time of application. This allows you to have the Hydra Product surface which includes the colored quartz with a color background.

Hydra Product material carries a ten (10) year warranty on the quartz material. The white quartz as well as the colored quartz in this product are smooth which allows for a smooth finish. As the quartz is naturally non-porous it is more resistant to harsh chemicals and weather effects. We offer two options:

Hydraquartz Blue Blend
Hydraquartz Tranquil Blue

Hydraquartz Blue Blend has only blue colored quartz whereas Hydraquartz Tranquil Blue has blue, teal, and black colored quartz. Hydraquartz Blue Blend gives the water a bluer hue. The Hydraquartz Tranquil Blue gives the water a more teal hue.

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I love the color of the products and the fact that I don’t have to worry about color dyes.

Ronn Forniglia

Sales, Authentic Plaster & Tile


It is a lot less expensive than other products we have used.

Leonard Coronado

Diamond Plastering


My plaster company has such as easy time with this product. It always comes out awesome!

Taylor Costley

Sales, Old World Outdoore


We like it much better than the previous surfaces.

Steve Lanier

Grounds Manager Ross Perot Estate, Dallas, Texas


We use Hydra Products on almost all of our pools. The colors are great and the finish is smooth. (Using since 2004.)

Jon Harrison

Owner Waterline Pools, Dallas, Texas


We are very happy they are offering their finishing products to our customers.

Vay Householder

Commercial Service Manager, Leslie’s Pool Supplies